Web Development.

Modern and dynamically growing companies should make web development. What are the correct ways to create websites? What are the paths to determine functionality? How to choose CMS? What to pay attention contacting «Web Focus» while web creation? Our experts explain to you why one type of website is right and others are worse in your personal case.


What you should consider when website development?

  • Website direction.
  • Required site functionality.
  • Website design.
  • Select CMS
  • Check with «Web Focus» for additional site compliance characteristics.
  • Instruct «Web Focus» to promote your project.
  • Determine costs of required website.
  • Make a good site at «Web Focus».


Web development in a clear language.

Have you got an idea of things to demand from our web studio? When our professional explains you regarding website creation and development, one / two columns layout, types of menu, responsive design, forms of registration, personal account, there’s the only choice: believe it or not. Due to all this, you will pay huge amounts, receive website with wrong functionality, and complain your developer because the design doesn’t meet your expectations. But «Web Focus» values you. Successful business is yours, so you’re enabling to wait for project manager to express it clearly all subtleties. Difference is we know what and in what language to offer you.


Main types of websites:

Landing websites / promo pages. This is a stand-alone Internet page to which advertising or search traffic is directed. Single-page websites have higher conversion rate compared to multipage websites, so the only purpose of landing page is performing one specific target action by visitors. Normally, landing pages present a specific product and service, and limited goods / services list, invite participants to an event, receive targeted applications and gather contact information.


Business card sites. Online card for your business, simple-to-create and maintain site that gives your clients primary information about the company’s activities. Business card site contains brief information about your company, brief announcement of goods and services produced and sold on the market, price lists, portfolios, order forms, terms to pay and deliver, frequently asked questions, contact information, and other sections in frames of activity specifics. This web development site is simple in exploitation; you may update when prices change, conditions purchases, expanding list of services, adding news and photos only.


Corporate sites post detailed information about the company’s activities. These are detailed descriptions of goods and services, price lists, order forms for goods and services, contact information, history of the foundation and development of your company, order conditions, purchase, delivery, payment, cooperation, promotions and offers, open vacancies, news, useful materials, interesting events relevant to your company’s activities.


Blogging sites are convenient in web development services for regular and various content publications (text, info graphics, photos and videos). For a blog, ability to comment, share and like posts is important. A blog is often a section of corporate website or online store.


Websites of online stores allow users to find and select a product online, in browser or mobile application, form an order for its purchase, choose payment path and order delivery way, and conduct order online payment.


Goals before website creation and development.

Fix all targets your site should solve. Describe your ideas in written. Make it extremely simple for «Web Focus» team to understand your company website development task. Typically, tasks of website creation are as follows:


  • Website audience notification and informing.
  • Building trust in attracting clients.
  • Improving service quality.


Site functionality.

What is there necessary to notify or inform your website clients? To attract new customers, what is there to do from your end? What your website must offer to improve user experience quality? Discuss results with your «Web Focus» web development manager. Our professional will correct your ideas to that your web resource should solve. If our consultant advice additions you don’t know about, ask him to clarify. Have a pause to think over.


Your website general looks requirements.

To keep in order general look of website with developers, it’s necessary to add required and advised visual components. You will have to submit a brand book or share your ideas of desired design with «Web Focus» in details. Our website creation and development professionals know about designs even more than you can imagine. Website design must ensure proper visual appeal and content must be read clearly.


Select CMS.

Decide whether you’re going to create CMS or static HTML site. Determine the preferable content management system.


Additional site requirements.

  • Audience requirements and requests.
  • Search engines technical parameters.
  • Right browsers display and show.
  • Mobile versions abilities.
  • Sitemap configured rightly.
  • Site loading speed.
  • Clear URLs.
  • Duplicate pages absence.
  • Possibility of specifying page metadata.
  • Possibility of third-party services codes inserting.
  • Validity of code.
  • Possibility to exchange size of photos, to add title, signature, and alt attribute.
  • Convenient comments services, buttons for social networks, search and feedback forms, system of rating, clearer navigation.
  • Guard against creating backups or unauthorized access, and blocking spam.
  • Micro-markup use possibility without knowledge in web programming.


Discuss with our website development services what else parameters your resource should consist of. All site requirements we will fix in Terms of Reference.


Decision in favor of «Web Focus».

«Web Focus» provides website creation and development services. Our clients communicate with our manager, not with web programmer. Your manager provides you to understand between parties clearly. Our clients can get additional benefits: a discount on engine purchase, special terms of service, additional guarantees, etc. In fact, cooperation with «Web Focus» minimizes deadlines likelihood and almost excludes Force Majeure events.


Where can I get help with web development?

Company website development specialists of «Web Focus» from Minsk, Belarus can conduct your application short audit and prepare to effectively website creation cost solution for your website.