PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising).

PPC or Pay per Click Advertising is advertising broadcasting model offer for selected users, where the click amount is debited from advertising budget. Each click is estimated as user’s paid transition to page of business website. PPC can be recognized as an objective pricing model. Advertiser gets specific customers to your site. Do you feel requirement in cooperation with sites within the PPC by Web Focus?


PPC application.

PPC is purely tool for internet marketing. The ad formats vary. That may be text and graphic blocks, static and dynamic banners, contextual ads or other advertising formats. Such offers are placed in Belarus domestic and international search engines search results, teaser and / or banner networks, on partner websites.


Mark able PPC goals.

Pay per click advertising basic targets are to attract maximum number of clicks, drive visitors to landing page. In marketing, traffic generation is generated in this way. Clicking on ad fact indicates interest of visitors. It makes easier to lead such customers to desired actions, thus getting new clients. Your ad will be broadcasting on website or at SERP several times, so many impressions are gained per day. Payment will be debited using advertising customer’s account after visitor clicks only. We underline it the most important difference between PPC and alternative formats.


Calculation of PPC effectiveness.

Goal of pay-per-click campaign goes to reduce costs of receiving customers to required website. Advertiser will enlarge landing page traffic at lower cost. Several factors affect success while PPC campaign:


  • Reduced cost per click in a specific niche in required time period.
  • Traffic quality.
  • Increased percentage of conversions.


PPC remains a part of promotional performance system. With lower per click costs and non-targeted traffic, it’s impossible to achieve high conversions.


Tasks of Web Focus PPC manager.

Web Focus specialists have to deal with tuning of running advertising campaigns. PPC indicates pricing formula. Often task of setting and controlling price per click is assigned to Internet marketer. Web Focus specialist will go following:


  • Finds and tests advertising tools, platforms for possibility to reduce CPC.
  • Forms traffic funnel and determine priority directions in your products ad.
  • Adapts campaign for teaser features, banner networks, search engines, social networks and other resources.
  • Controls existing PPC advertising campaign by monitoring effectiveness and doing adjustments.


Areas of PPC application.

On the Internet, on almost any site you will see a huge amount of advertisements. It’s hosted by customers using special systems.


Differences between PPC and CPC.

  • PPC is price formation model.
  • CPC is price per click purchased by advertiser.


Price for PPC pay per click may be fixed or flexible. Pricing flexibility isn’t uncommon for social media or engines of search. Price for click varies depending on competition level at time of clicks. Cost is also influenced by the banner quality and website itself. Advertising systems apply their own view assessment criteria, so personal approach needs to be developed.


PPC efficiency.

PPC advertising effectiveness is indicated not only by cost for click. Key efficiency indicator in this case is Return on Investment. Main goals for PPC campaigns:


  • Extremely low cost for click.
  • Targeted traffic.
  • The highest rate of conversion.


Three components lead to high ROI campaign performance.


Activities of Web Focus PPC-specialists.

PPC advertising specialist job is to manage ad campaigns. Our company team manage campaigns on variety of platforms, experiment with value creation structures to achieve the highest possible effectiveness while campaign. But that’s not all. What else?


  • Search of the latest ad tools, improving knowledge in already used tools.
  • Close interaction with Web Focus sales department to determine the most demanded services and goods categories.
  • Development of advertising campaigns with adaptation to the required system features.
  • Monitoring campaigns and working to improve efficiency.


PPC services require extensive knowledge from professionals to achieve results. Our specialists thoroughly know Belarusian and foreign markets, tools and systems where advertising campaigns take place. Web Focus Pay per click specialists continuously monitor to analyze ads. Advertising campaign success is guaranteed due to professional skills of our specialists.


Why your company needs PPC marketing?

PPC marketing remains optimal for launching and promoting contextual campaigns. But this model is applicable to other online promotion types. You decide for yourself whether to pay for CPM impressions or for CPA actions. Choice of model depends on many factors. To choose your own model, you have to consider marketing strategy goals. If company’s goal includes actions to increase awareness of business brand, then select pay-per-impression. If campaign results must increase traffic, increase sales and number of new customers, then it’s optimal to choose pay per click.


Reduce price for pay per click.

For price pay per click to fall, we need to create convenient and clickable lead by compiling an informative ad. We have to select high-quality image to attract attention of audience. Web Focus specialists will add necessary extensions and add-ons to create your ad unique. Our company monitors relevance and performance of required page, and we use keywords from user queries in your text of ad.


PPC Benefits.

Contextual ad campaign using PPC schemes is especially beneficial in such cases:


  • Promotion costs need to be optimized. Payment is made only for targeted action of potential clients.
  • Availability of effectiveness analyzes for promoting a specific site, your online store or relevant landing page.
  • Strengthening targeted traffic flow, as interested visitors and potential customers click on ads.


PPC services at Web Focus right now.

  • Development of action strategy.
  • Analytics systems.
  • Contextual advertising in Google Ads.
  • Contextual advertising in Yandex Direct.
  • Targeted advertising on social networks.
  • Advertising on price aggregators.
  • Monitoring, analysis and optimization of your campaign.
  • Calls analytics from any CallTracking system.


Where can I get PPC per click advertising?

PPC per click services specialists of Web Focus from Minsk, Belarus can analyze your request shortly to prepare effective PPC advertising services for your business and website.